Course Outline

Adjustment of the working environment

  • Hotkeys, facilities
  • Create and modify toolbars
  • Options excel (autosave, input, etc.).
  • Options paste special (transpose)
  • Formatting (style, format painter)
  • Tool - go to

Organization of information

  • Management sheets (naming, copying, color change)
  • Assign and manage the names of cells and ranges
  • Protect worksheet and workbook
  • Secure and encrypt files
  • Collaboration and track changes, comments
  • Inspection sheet
  • Create your own templates (charts, worksheets, workbooks)

Data analysis

  • Logic
  • Basic Features
  • Advanced Features
  • Creation of complex / multiple formulas
  • Scenarios
  • Search result
  • Solver
  • Charts
  • Graphics support (shadows, charts, AutoShapes)

Database management (list)

  • Data consolidation
  • Grouping and outlining data
  • Sorting data (over 4 columns)
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Database Functions
  • Subtotal (partial)
  • Tables and Pivot Charts

Cooperation with other applications

  • Get External Data (CSV, TXT)
  • OLE (static and link)
  • Web Queries
  • Publication sheets on site (static and dynamic)
  • Publication PivotTables

Automation of work

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Create your own formats
  • Check the validation

Macros - automation tasks in sheets

  • Registration macros
  • Understanding and modifying the code macros (VBA items)
  • Connecting the interface macros or workbook
  • Create forms on screen or printed


Knowledge of Windows and the basics of using Microsoft Excel.

 14 Hours

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