Course Outline

Introduction to OpenCL

  • About GPU Compute
  • Platform Model
  • Execution Model
  • Memory Model

Environment for OpenCL Developing

  • Requirements
  • Installation on Windows
  • Compiling OpenCL Source

Language programmingavailable in the OpenCL

  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Built-in functions
  • Qualifiers and attributes
  • Vector types
  • OpenCL C preprocessor

Examples of OpenCLprograms

  • Simple programs
  • Vector addition
  • Local and global network

Examples of calculations in OpenCL

  • Service printf
  • Reduction surgery
  • Determination of the histogram
  • Mandelbrot set
  • Sorting algorithm bitonic
  • Image processing


OpenCL in various languages

Performance analysis in the OpenCL


  • Knowledge of any programming language (structured or object).
 21 Hours

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