Course Outline


  • Overview of Palo Alto Networks portfolio and architecture
  • Firewall architecture

Getting Started

  • Configuring initial firewall settings
  • Configuring management network settings
  • Activating a firewall
  • Managing licenses and software

Managing Firewall Configurations

  • Managing configurations
  • Viewing and monitoring firewall logs

Managing Firewall Administrator Accounts

  • Managing firewall authentication and authorization
  • Creating a local firewall administrator account
  • Creating a non-local firewall administrator account
  • Creating a firewall administrator account for non-interactive login

Connecting the Firewall to Production Networks

  • Blocking threats by using network segmentation
  • Using network interfaces and security zones
  • Layer 3 interfaces and sub-interfaces
  • Using virtual wire interfaces
  • Tap interfaces
  • Using virtual routers
  • Loopback interfaces

Managing Security Policy Rules

  • Creating and managing security policy rules
  • Creating and managing NAT policy rules
  • Controlling application usage using app-ID

Blocking Threats

  • Blocking threats using security and NAT policies
  • Blocking packet- and protocol-based attacks
  • Blocking threats from known bad sources
  • Blocking threats by identifying applications
  • Blocking threats by identifying users
  • Blocking threats by identifying devices
  • Blocking unknown threats
  • Blocking threats in encrypted traffic
  • Preventing usage of stolen credentials
  • Blocking threats using security profiles
  • Blocking inappropriate web traffic with URL filtering
  • Using decryption to block threats in encrypted traffic

Threat and Traffic Information

  • Locating valuable information using logs and reports
  • Forwarding threat and traffic information to external services

Security Best Practices

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic knowledge of networking and security concepts


  • Security professionals
  • Cybersecurity analysts
  • Administrators
 21 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant