Course Outline


Advanced Security for Networks

  • Deep dive into FortiGate NGFW capabilities and use cases
  • Configuring and managing VPNs with FortiGate
  • Advanced threat protection features and configurations

Securing the Cloud with Fortinet

  • FortiCASB Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Security solutions for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Integration of cloud security into the Security Fabric

Endpoint and Mobile Security

  • FortiClient unified endpoint protection
  • FortiEDR advanced endpoint threat detection and response
  • Securing mobile devices and remote access

Application Security

  • FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF) features and deployment
  • Protecting against OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Application security within the Security Fabric

Secure Wireless and WAN Solutions

  • FortiAP secure wireless access points
  • FortiExtender cellular WAN connectivity
  • Secure SD-WAN

Email and Web Security

  • FortiMail: Email security and anti-spam features
  • Identifying and mitigating advanced threats via email and web
  • Best practices for deploying email and web security solutions

Management, Analysis, and Reporting

  • FortiManager centralized security management
  • FortiAnalyzer security analytics and reporting
  • Leveraging analytics for proactive threat detection

Summary and Next Steps


  • Solid understanding of cybersecurity principles, the threat landscape, and network security
  • Basic knowledge of Fortinet’s Security Fabric and its components


  • Technical professionals
  • Sales and marketing support personnel
  • IT and security professionals
 14 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant