Course Outline


Telecom Security Overview

Types of Attacks

Case Study: Hacking the PBX

Telecom Security Assessment

Addressing Network Vulnerabilities

  • Tools and techniques

Case Study: Phone Hacking

Network Logical Structure

User Authentication

Physical Equipment

SIP Security

Wireless Network Security Overview

  • Secure wireless infrastructure

Case Study: Evil Twin Attacks at Work

Wireless Network Security Testing

  • Tools and techniques

Searching for Weaknesses

  • Vulnerability Assessment Checklist

Case Study: Wireless DoS Attacks


  • Implementing WPA2

Wi-Fi Traffic

  • Compartmentalizing with VLANs

Physical Security

  • Positioning Access Points
  • Tracking Rogue 802.11 Devices

Securing Access

  • Authentication and authorization
  • MAC address access control lists
  • Secret keys

WLAN Security


Monitoring the Wireless Network

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of mobile networks.
  • An understanding of basic security concepts.


  • Telecom engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Security professionals
 35 Hours

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